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Myself and 15 other ladies used this limo companies "service" on Aug.24th/13 for my bachelorette night.From the moment our driver showed up at my house he was rushing to get us on the road.

The agreed upon time that we were supposed to leave was 8:30pm and at around 8pm he was already stating that he had another pick up to make and that for every 15mins he was behind we would be charged $75.00. Not a good start. Then when the last 3 ladies arrived to leave they had brought gifts for me, I did not want to bring them on the limo because I would have had to leave them behind so I told the driver I was going to quickly run them into my house before we left. His response to me was an eye roll and a shake of the head.

RUDE! The driver did not assist anyone of us getting into the limo. On the way to our destination the driver drove like a bat out of ***, speeding all the way there and putting our lives in danger. So much so that one of the girls was debating on calling the police because she was that scared.

We were dropped off at our destination, door was not opened for us and the driver did not help any of us out of the limo he just sped off once we were all out. Pickup time was supposed to be 2AM. So at that time we all left the club and went out to the lot to find NO limo waiting for us. We waited giving the driver the benefit of the doubt.

At 2:15AM no limo, 2:30AM no limo. We finally called to get a response of "I will be there in 15 mins, I am stuck in traffic". Not true being that it was 2:30AM and there was no traffic. Finally at almost 3:30AM (hour and half late) the limo driver shows up.

No apology for his tardiness. So not only was the driver extremley late but he left 16 young women stranded in a town that they did not know, over an hour away from their homes in the middle of the night not thinking twice about any one of our safety. ABSOLUTLEY UNPROFESSIONAL!! We paid a ridiculous amount of money to basically be treated like garbage.

The following day a few girls (including myself) emailed and called to complain about the "service" we had received in hopes we would get some or all of our money reimbursed. Complaints basically have fallen on deaf ears. The responses I got from a man named Tony were absolutley pathetic and RUDE to say the least. Not once was there any apologies given.

The blame was basically pointed at us saying that we were late in the beginning of the night (which we were not) so that because we were late we should dismiss the fact that they were late picking us up. I had told this Tony that if these complaints were not dealt with in a more professional manner I would take it upon myself to contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and to make sure every site that refers limo companies such as Park Lane Livery would have a bad review posted. He basically threatened me and said if this happened he would not reimburse anything and would in fact charge us $75.00 for making the driver late in the begininning of the night even though we did not. Also he told me to not contact the company further which I did reply to with an email that never got a response from.

Also many of the other girls that emailed them sent a read receipt with it to confirm it had been read which they were read and no response was given. If you are looking for a night out on the town and are searching for a good limo company to provide a safe, fun way of transportation Park Lane Livery should NOT be your choice. They have NO concept of customer service what so ever. Their vehicles are not well maintained as some of the seats in the limo were ripped and sagging.

They are completley RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL! They ruined my bachelorette experience which I can never get back! If I would have seen all the horrible reviews that now I have seen online after the fact I would not have even chosen to use this company. See for yourselves.

Google Park Lane Livery reviews and you can see all the wonderful comments people such as myself have written about them.BEWARE!!!

Monetary Loss: $730.

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